“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things they are transformed.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Yoga is the practice of self-awareness in the most detailed sense. We strive for this awareness to run deep throughout the many layers of our body, mind and breath.

As we step on our mat, we take a moment to become aware of our present state. We close our eyes and take a deep breath in; as we exhale, we focus our attention inward. Honoring our present state, we plan our practice accordingly. Some days we go easy, taking advantage of modifications. Other days we work hard, accepting challenges.

As we move through our practice, we learn about ourselves. Details embedded in the body, mind and breath have the opportunity to surface in the quiet of the practice. Teaching us and guiding us through the tricky spots in our internal and external worlds; teaching and guiding us towards overall well-being and content.

As our practice ends, we rest in shavasana, the final pose where the breath is easy, the mind is clear and we shine like the sun, transformed.

Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury
Wednesday 8:00AM Studio 3
Sunday 9:30AM Group Fitness Studio





Studio 3

I began teaching yoga in Studio 3 almost eight years ago. The studio held a maximum of sixteen yogis including myself.

The dedicated core group holds some history. Wednesday mornings they arrive early, sometimes forty minutes before class to put their mats down. Like family, everyone has a role, a unique personality and a preferred spot at the table or rather at the studio. Newbies were always introduced and included in the group chatter. I would often hesitate before interrupting the multiple conversations to begin class. The group sounded like they belonged in a coffee shop. All that was missing was the coffee.

Eight years later, Studio 3 has been expanded and tastefully updated. It has  doubled in size with hardwood flooring, fresh paint and new lighting.  This new studio space has a relaxing vibe and will be able to accommodate a larger class, and I wonder if it will affect the camaraderie.

By comparison is my Sunday morning class, often a gathering of fifty or more, I have yet to see the same ease of communication and camaraderie develop.

As Studio 3 begins a new chapter, so will my yogis. The group will grow much like families do and I am hopeful they hold on to what is. “Is” being the time before class for silly and serious talk that we all share and enjoy. I may have to bring in the coffee.

Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury
Wednesday 8AM Studio 3
Sunday 9:30AM Group Fitness Studio