Beach Yoga

With the sand below and the sky above, we’ll be having yoga class this Sunday, 6/23 at Salisbury Beach, 8AM.

The sand will challenge balance and strength, hearts will open and lift towards the unlimited sky and nature will provide the sounds of the surf and gulls.

Savasana will be a natural close to the practice with refreshments and fresh fruit afterwards.

Beach Yoga is a Boston Sports Club, Salisbury sponsored event, open to the public and free. All are welcome!


What to bring: beach towel, water and sunscreen
From Beach Road, take right on Cable and left on Ocean. Class is to the right of the boardwalk decking.
Kiosk parking available.

If weather is questionable, call Boston Sports Club at 978-462-5662 by 7AM.
If class is cancelled, yoga will be held at 9:30 in the studio as usual.
This class takes the place of the 9:30AM studio class for this week only.

Namaste at the beach!







We may not be responsible for our wounds,

be we are responsible for healing them.

To allow growth

that may be temporarily itchy or uncomfortable like a scab.

To heal,

to be in the moment,

 unburdened from the past.

The yoga practice: awareness, acceptance and change.



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Human Beings

We are Human Beings.

the nature or essence of a person,
to be in the moment,
to exist in truest form.

Yoga is a process that celebrates our existence,
honors the nature or essence of a person,
and teaches us to be
in the moment,
to exist in our truest form.

We are Human Beings and yoga brings the human back to being.

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Definition of being from Dictionary

Open, and Bloom

Open to learn from people and experiences.
Open to grow in both familiar and uncomfortable spaces.
Open to change, open to bloom… always.







Rain is like the yoga practice.

Sometimes we are quiet and still, listening with an undistracted ear. Other times we are actively engaged, experiencing it barefoot, without umbrella or raincoat, or some variation in between.

Cleansing, nourishing and renewing.