A New Look

Real estate, yoga and art each have a process, path or journey to travel and I meet many people along the way. Thank you for being here, I am glad our paths have crossed.

Many thanks to the yogis for agreeing to be photographed and many thanks to my tech savvy friend who built the site and taught me a few things along the way. I am grateful for your contributions and happy with the new look!


These postcards are from my Drawing A Day books.

Each Drawing A Day book is numbered and each drawing date stamped. Because a drawing cannot be removed from a book, printing postcards is a fun way to share the drawings of  Newburyport, MA, Portsmouth, NH and along the coast. As the days and the drawings continue, new images will be printed.

Postcards sent via snail mail are fun to receive. For the recipient, they are a welcomed sight in the mailbox.

These postcards are available for purchase $2 each or 3 for $5. If interested, contact me for further details. Venmo accepted.