Hello January

Hello January. You are welcome after a busy holiday season. I see yogis returning to the mat, seeking to get back into routines, fighting off winter blues, cold temperatures and working on resolutions.

It is a time of year I spend more time on my mat reflecting inward. Where am I? Where do I want to go? What can I do right now to work towards that goal? What are my true thoughts and intentions? and more importantly, are they being expressed? My time on the mat gives me direction and answers.

When we are fully expressing our true thoughts and intentions, our energy flows like the wind and water, moving freely, unobstructed with direction and purpose; brilliant and clear as the stars on a dark night in January.

Hello January… may the rest of the year be as brilliant and clear as you.

Heated Vinyasa Flow
Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury
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Om for the Holidays

During the holiday season we make great efforts to reach out and connect with others. Whether your holiday season is bustling with people or quieter, be sure to take time to make the most important connection – the one with yourself! It may be over a cup of tea and a cookie, a walk in nature, or if you have a yoga practice, om for the holidays!

Like many, I am in the midst of addressing cards, purchasing gifts, sending and receiving invitations and cooking and baking for the holiday.

Take a moment to see beauty in your surroundings and find peace within your heart and mind. Look for it. It  will always be there in the stars, the frost, a snowflake, in the bonds of family and friendship and in the food we make and share.

Heated Vinyasa Flow
Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury
Wed 8:00AM Studio 3
Sun 9:30AM Group Fitness Studio
Drop in welcome

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A note from mat

“If you fall, I’ll be there.”

                                    – mat


Falling in yoga, into ourselves
head over heals.

See and feel a change,
a new season of you.



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Often, I like to take my yoga practice slow. Really slow.

A no rush,
no hurry,
leisurely pace that can vary.

Time to take each movement, each pose, to its fullest potential.
Where the movement in a transition is as important as a pose.

Time to connect with the breath, energy and muscles and adjust accordingly.
Stay a little longer, add something in, take something out throughout the practice.

The practice turns into a dialog and play of communication that is led by the body instead of directed by the mind.

Slow down.
Savor the movement, the journey, the process, the here and now.






Sometimes we find a piece of us that has been missing, and maybe we never knew, or realized it was lost. A piece can be large or small and found in a subtle way, or sometimes we receive a direct hit from the universe that shakes our foundation.

Often, a piece evokes some sort of feeling, and this feeling can hold varying degrees of significance to us. It may be tied to a memory or experience in the past, or it may feel new to us. Whichever the case, our boundaries have expanded and our perspective has shifted.

Picking up the pieces can imply something that was once whole, has broken and shattered. But, if we aren’t whole and perfect  to begin with, we pick up pieces to add, enhance, improve and create ourselves.





On or Off the Mat

Stay in the moment
Do the best you can
Let go of expectation
Let go of judgement
Let go of competition
Open your heart
Be grateful for what comes your way
Be thankful for your tribe

The light in me honors the light in you.

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