Walking through Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury you don’t go far without seeing a familiar face and saying hello. Members talk before and after classes, on their way in and out of the club and while working out. Many refer to it as their gym family…and this large family of members, instructors, trainers and staff has been adopted. We are now Boston Sports Club, and this has been a hot topic of conversation.

As New Englanders, we are skeptical of change. We have our routines and we like them. The unknown makes us uncomfortable. It’s not easy. However, change is often necessary for something to continue on.

Walking through the club you notice the energy – multiple classes going on, runners and walkers on the track, the weight and cardio machines in use and the activity in the pool, basketball courts and racquetball courts. If you weren’t feeling motivated before you walked in, you do now.

As we move forward, new routines will become familiar. Our name may have changed, but we are still the same family of members, instructors, trainers and staff working together, supporting each other and doing what we love.