Hello January. You are welcome after a busy holiday season. I see yogis returning to the mat, seeking to get back into routines, fighting off winter blues, cold temperatures and working on resolutions.

It is a time of year I spend more time on my mat reflecting inward. Where am I? Where do I want to go? What can I do right now to work towards that goal? What are my true thoughts and intentions? and more importantly, are they being expressed? My time on the mat gives me direction and answers.

When we are fully expressing our true thoughts and intentions, our energy flows like the wind and water, moving freely, unobstructed with direction and purpose; brilliant and clear as the stars on a dark night in January.

Hello January… may the rest of the year be as brilliant and clear as you.

Heated Vinyasa Flow
Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury
Wed 8:00AM Studio 3
Sun 9:30AM Group Fitness Studio
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