In Time and Nature

When we practice outdoors, it is easier to fall into the moment. There is something tangible to grasp, and it allows our senses to awaken, to become fully engaged.

We feel the warmth and brightness of the sun or the comfort and stillness of a grey day.

We observe our surroundings and notice the details: a hawk flying overhead, an ant walking across the mat, the way the wind moves through the trees.

Feeling the movement of the air, we are reminded and encouraged to breathe easily, freely, and deeply.

As we inhale, we become aware of scents: fresh cut grass, food cooking, autumn leaves, a bonfire, or something particular to a place and time.

We lean in and listen closely to Mother Nature and hear life moving through time and space.

We are mindful in the way we move. The unevenness of the earth makes us think precisely where we want to place our footing to maintain balance.

Throughout the practice, hearts lift to the endless sky, and feet sink into the earth. We become engaged and are no longer thinking about the past or the future. When we are fully present, stress falls away. Tapping into the energy of the earth, we feel renewed.

Letting go of the expectation of where a yoga class should be, the outdoor practice offers a deep experience in nature and time.

I have been offering outdoor classes. If you would like to practice or have an outdoor location you would like to practice in; please reach out.

Stay healthy,



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