Some days it doesn’t take much to see that we are drained from events that we are wrestling with on a day-to-day basis. Yoga nudges us to take a break from it. Yoga teaches us to let go. We may not be able to let go of events that we are in the midst of, but we can let go of the way they make us feel.

The act of letting go begins as an intention and becomes an action creating movement like waves that ripple through our many layers, releasing negative and stagnant energy. We can let go of anything we choose. Yoga suggests we begin with judgement, expectation and competition.

As we let go of judgement, opinions and decisions about ourselves and others fade bringing a feeling of contentment. As we let go of expectations we relax knowing we don’t have to live up to preconceived ideals or hold others to ideals we have formed. As we let go of competition a shift in our mindset occurs. We  practice for the sake of practicing, doing the best we can while honoring our present state. Instead of focusing on the end goal or win, we are focused and present in the moment, enjoying the process.

Once we experience the positive effects of letting these things go, we realize this process can be brought into other areas of our lives. We begin to do so tentatively, unsure, and testing out the waters. Many of us work in competitive fields. It may feel uncomfortable to consider a change in how we define ourselves, how we relate to others, our happiness and our successes. But as we learn to trust ourselves on our mats, we begin to trust ourselves off our mats.

Like the lotus flower we strive to be open, at peace and floating above muddy waters.

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