I attended a Meditation and Mindfulness class at the Manchester YMCA, offered by YogaFit, and taught by Aimee Marshall.

The class focused on transformational meditation, (which incorporates mantras and chakras); the benefits of meditation, and different types of postures and practices that can be utilized.

Shavasana is about as close to meditation I have come to. Having tried meditation in the past with little success, I was pleased to learn there are several ways to meditate. Meditation can be alone, or in a group; led with guidance, or without. Meditation can be auditory, visual or somatic. And much like yoga practices, meditation is individual to each practitioner.  What works for one, may not for another. There was a lot more flexibility to it than I realized, and through the class, as we tried many different meditations, I found what worked with me.

The practices of yoga and meditation bring awareness to our being; taking a look at how things are, evaluating how we feel, then having the option to change and work towards a healthier state of well-being physically, mentally and emotionally. At ease, calm, content and present are words that come to mind that are reflective of potential results.

The parallels between yoga and meditation continue with, be patient with yourself, let go of expectations, judgement and competition. Do what’s right for you, stay in the moment; and they both offer time to be without, or unaffected by, external distractions.

At the end of class, it was recommended we practice meditation before we begin to teach it. Along with the others, I begin a journey into meditation and mindfulness with a daily practice, starting off with a few minutes per day.


Don’t hesitate, meditate.