My personal practice is daily and my preference to practice is in the morning before the day begins. I also teach two classes a week at Latitude Sports Club in Salisbury.

There is great satisfaction in practicing with a group. We practice together, yet alone. Each of us moving with our own breath, listening to our own body and doing what is right for us today.

The benefits of yoga are numerous. Improving strength, balance, flexibility and focus are just the beginning. The objective of the practice is to prepare for shavasana, the final relaxation of the body and mind. The breath is easy, the mind is clear and the body absorbs the heat, stillness and energy created within the practice.

Heated Athletic Yoga

A vinyasa flow class, meaning we move with the breath and one pose flows into the next. It is a class that offers challenges for the beginner to the advanced and modifications shown throughout. The youngest participant is 10, the oldest 75, and there is a wide variety of ages and levels of fitness in between. Class temp is approximately 85 degrees. Drop-ins welcome.

Wednesday 8-9:15am

Sunday 9:30-10:45am

Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury

191 Elm Street, Salisbury, MA

Yogafit Certified



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