I hope you are all well, staying safe and taking care of that deep spring cleaning and projects that have been pushed aside.

What’s new…

Coffee, Then Yoga FB group is going well.
I’m adjusting to teaching to a class that I can’t see or interact with. The format is challenging when I make a mistake, or something does not go as smoothly as it should, but it provides many lessons: the lesson in letting go of perfection; the lesson in patience, when my right and left cues get mixed up (my right is actually my left in the video); the lesson in letting go of competition as I am aware of the many professional videos out there; and lastly, the lesson in staying in the moment- even if it feels uncomfortable!

Meghan Currie
Meghan has been teaching yoga via zoom to raise money to those financially affected by the pandemic. I donated and took a class last week, and will do so again this week. I like the flow of the sequencing and the detail of her cueing. If you are interested, she announces on her IG account meghancurrieyoga.

Anatomy and Alignment
I recently took an Anatomy and Alignment class through YogaFit. Great content of the muscle and bone structures of the body in relation to the physical aspect of the practice. Originally to be held in Pittsfield, MA, the two day class was held via zoom in the comfort of home.

MyPenAndPost, Etsy Shop
The Drawing A Day Postcards hold an official place in MyPenAndPost Etsy shop. I hope to offer note cards and original work as time goes on.

The days are challenging, but there is always something to be thankful for.