During the holiday season we make great efforts to reach out and connect with others. Whether your holiday season is bustling with people or quieter, be sure to take time to make the most important connection – the one with yourself! It may be over a cup of tea and a cookie, a walk in nature, or if you have a yoga practice, om for the holidays!

Like many, I am in the midst of addressing cards, purchasing gifts, sending and receiving invitations and cooking and baking for the holiday.

Take a moment to see beauty in your surroundings and find peace within your heart and mind. Look for it. It  will always be there in the stars, the frost, a snowflake, in the bonds of family and friendship and in the food we make and share.

Heated Vinyasa Flow
Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury
Wed 8:00AM Studio 3
Sun 9:30AM Group Fitness Studio
Drop in welcome

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