Time To Grow

Summertime is a time to grow.

Seeds are planted, and buds bloom with fruits, flowers and vegetables bursting with flavor and color. The end result of nurturing, pampering and care throughout the growing season.

As humans, we are always growing. This summer we are growing in different directions, possibly uprooted and in conditions that are not ideal. It is a time to be gentle with ourselves. We may need patience, understanding and a extra nurturing as we are faced with so many unknowns.

Take that time, and look for the light in the darkness.

In August, I will begin the Level 4 training to steep in the practice for four full days adding nutrients, flavor, understanding and growth to this practice that has a beginning and no end.  I am doing this with the uncertainty of where, when and how I will be teaching but I welcome the change the training will bring.

I hope you are all well. Stretching and doing yoga in everyday places- like tree pose while washing dishes, or goddess pose while brushing your teeth! It’s an everyday, everywhere practice for everybody.

Miss you lots!


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