Yoga is our individual recipe, and we work with simple, quality ingredients such as kindness, compassion, understanding, love and forgiveness. Each ingredient is important with purpose. Each ingredient works with the others to benefit and create the whole.

As Yogis, we nurture the concoction of these ingredients. We hold degrees of experiences, attitudes and opinions about each of them as they are applied to situations. We may have forgotten about some and are reminded to return them into the mix. Much like baking, we use our senses and adjust accordingly; adding a touch of forgiveness in this area, or a little understanding or compassion in that area.

Our time on the mat allows us to get to know each ingredient, apply it and experience it. We melt into poses, whisk away the unnecessary, sift in the high quality and mix through the physical aspect of the practice. In the warmth of the studio we soften as we give and take from the ingredients.

Like fresh-baked cookies, kindness, compassion, understanding, love and forgiveness are often received with a smile.

Bake and give.


Latitude Sports Club, Salisbury
Wednesday 8AM Studio 3
Sunday 9:30AM Group Fitness Studio