I am finishing a one week vacation at Zoetry Auga in Punta Cana. A destination for me to vacation and be a yoga student again.

Yoga classes at Zoetry are located in the spa and the space is indoors, yet open to the outdoors. Lush green gardens surround the studio inviting the birds and their songs and the temperature is mid 80’s, even at 8:30AM, providing a natural heated studio.

Estefany Vargas is the yoga instructor here. She offers a daily class to the visitors of the resort. The class is a mix of Vinyasa and Hatha styles, and Estefany leads the group in a very calm, strong and encouraging manner. Although her group changes as vacations begin and end, she does not hesitate to get to know us, and help us reach our potential in a posture. She is genuine in her love for the practice.

As an instructor, it is a treat to hang up my teaching hat and practice yoga as a student. It reminds me what it’s like to try a class for the first time; and by the end of the week, what it’s like to participate in a class I am familiar with. It brings a different perspective and deeper understanding of the practice and the process of teaching and learning.

After class, breakfast, and then to the soft sand beach where the sky is deep blue, the ocean is teal with occasional white caps and the greens are varied, deep and bright. After a swim, it is easy to fall back into shavasana. Namaste.